About me

I designed and built my first boat in 1976

Since then I have been designing, building and teaching yachts and small craft

Scientific and Academic Activities


Naval Architect in 1980, Ph. D. in 1998,

Contract Researcher and Project leader in 1997-8 at University of Naples Federico II in the area of marine applications of composite materials

Researcher from 1999 at University of Naples Federico II in the area of Naval Architecture. Member of research groups involved in projects of national interest Appointed Professor of “Small Craft Design” at University of Naples from  2000.

Appointed Professor of “Basic Small Craft Design” (course held in English language) at University of Naples from  2006 to the present Academic Year.

Contract Professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Construction at Master Course of Yacht Design at Milan University from 2001. 

Contract Professor of Ship Geometry at Master Course of Yacht Design at Palermo University in 2008.

Member of Italian Delegation at IMO SLF Sessions held in 2000 and 2003. 

Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Conferences FAST 2003, ICMRT 2005, ICHD 2006.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of International Conference Hiper 2008 Member of Scientific Commette of Hiper International Conference

Professor of Ship Design at University of Naples from 2010

Professor of Ship Geometry at Italian Navy Academy (2011) 



Research interests


  • HSC and Small Craft Naval architecture Design and Construction;  
  • from 1994 to 2000 Application of reinforced plastics in the marine field, Composite material characterization Scantling rules for composite structure, Ageing of composites in marine environment
  • from 1999 to 2006 Development of new hullforms for HS passenger ferries, Ship model correlation procedures for HSC mono and multihull; HSC design optimization Multiattribute Design procedures;
  • from 2006  Design and optimization of non monohedral planing hull forms, resistance and seakeeping evaluation of planing craft Future research programs  Aerodynamic lift and drag effects on small high speed planing craft evaluated through experimental tests at wind tunnel of Politecnico di Milano



Author of scientific papers on: Composite material properties, High Speed Craft hullform and performance optimization, Multihull ship stability, Multiattribute design procedures, Planing craft



Professional Activity

Involved in Yacht Design, Small Craft Design and Ship design since 1977  

Designer of both production and one off sailing yachts 1985-1987

Project manager and structural designer at Azzurra Syndicate for Italian America’s Cup Challenge 1987-1991

Head of Yacht Division at SAI Ambrosini  

Awarded with Media Sea International Prize in 1989

Designer of UIM racing powerboats and Silveray high speed cruising catamarans  

Designer of Small Craft for Italian Navy, Firefighting Naval Service and of Oceanographic and SAR Vessels




1990 High speed powerboats